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      Home/News/If medical grade silica gel is about to cover daily necessities, will ordinary silica gel be meaningless?

      If medical grade silica gel is about to cover daily necessities, will ordinary silica gel be meaningless?
      Time:2019.03.13  Views:1600

      There is such a passage circulating on the internet! "A man took a foreign daughter-in-law. On the wedding night, the groom began to kiss the bride incessantly. Then the bride suddenly pushed the groom aside and said,"Take it easy."The groom returned,"Why, does it hurt you?" The bride said, "No, I'm afraid you'll suck out my silica gel, which belongs to the medical class and is more expensive!"


      Then I carefully realized that the medical-grade material of breast augmentation silica gel, together with the cost of surgery, is indeed more expensive. When it comes to medical-grade silica gel, besides breast augmentation, it occupies a larger proportion of other materials in recent years, which is a little more expensive. However, in view of the requirements of people's quality of life, it gradually covers the daily necessities and industrial electronics industry. ! Nowadays, people are demanding higher and higher health level, and medical silica gel materials are mainly aimed at the market, which is the field of daily life and human contact. It is concluded that the people who appear mainly take the health and environmental protection route, or pay more attention to health.

      So for the silica gel products industry, medical grade silica gel is also gradually moving towards the popular industry. From the year before last, medical grade silica gel has gradually developed in daily use, maintenance and nursing products in medical plastic surgery. And the silica gel materials can be divided into several types. What do you know?

      Ordinary silica gel, high transparent silica gel, high tension silica gel, food grade silica gel, medical grade silica gel and so on have their respective functions, but with the change of the market, ordinary silica gel gradually began to be left behind only for industrial accessories, mechanical parts and so on. At present, most of the rubber materials on the market still belong to food grade silica gel, in daily life, children's products, kitchen appliances and so on. The field is basically food-grade, but when it comes to medical grade, it includes ordinary silica gel, food-grade silica gel, and all the properties of high-tension products, so the improvement of modern life quality will gradually cover this material in the future!

      However, in synthetic rubber, medical silicone collagen material is mainly aimed at the implantation of cosmetology and plastic surgery into human body, a raw material with mature technology, long-term contact with human body without any impact, and the material with outstanding performance in all aspects, so it can completely compete with health, environmental protection, pollution-free, and a few words are not too much! _________

      Following the pace of the market, the use of medical grade silica gel products in the market gradually has a certain demand, which occupies a logarithm in daily necessities products. For medical grade silica gel, it can be expected that in the future, various industries will start to use it slowly. Maybe one day you will have a medical grade silica gel product at any time!

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